Level 2- Building and monetizing your audience

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Full distribution network available on www.Tv.MiamiDMT.com

Our friends are your friends.  

Over the last 17yrs we’ve learned that the most important aspect of a business is being able to keep new business coming in the door. Cash flow is dependent on the amount of new business earned daily.

A constant supply of fresh new faces from a warm referral point will always yield the best results.

Take advantage of MiamiDMT’s impeccable reputation and access to some of the hottest events and groups in Miami.

TOP 5 ways to best utilize our partnerships:

  1. Purchase product or service to begin building a relationship.
  2. Purchase a group of event tickets.
  3. Attend live events as a Sponsor.
  4. Purchase marketing space on their Social Media.
  5. Co-Sponsor digital and printed marketing material.