Level 1- Getting paid for your knowledge.

Fix what's wrong in your industry.

Your years of experience have perfectly positioned you to understand what your clients are looking for, but what else is out there that you can use to help create your Perfect Product line.

It's actually easier to think about what DIDN'T work for you as a professional, create a solution for that, turn it into a product and launch. History dictates that it takes a while for a client to know you enough to trust you.

As an expert, you have amassed years of professional contacts. These B2B Prospects are more likely to trust you and PAY YOU because you are offering a solution that can help them make more money. Don't pigeonhole yourself. Your knowledge of your industry makes you an invaluable resource to other business owners and direct clients.

Help newcomers get started in your industry.

After years of building your skillset, and jumping a few hundred hurdles, you've come across a lot of pointers that could help a lot of people just getting started. 

Imagine a workshop that taught:

  • the equipment essential starting right
  • pitfalls to avoid with partners, insurance, clients
  • best marketing & sales tools
  • best professional groups to join
  • industry tools & secrets to better production