2 Months of Motivation Sales Strategy: 60+ Video & Audio clips

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Over 60 Videos & Audio tracks that follow the LiquidSalesman's trademarked system for entrepreneurial success.

That's over 5.5hrs of material broken down into:

  1. powerful daily affirmations
  2. daily motivation
  3. direct & network sales
  4. marketing and audience action items

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Section 1: Get your mind right. 

  • Separate yourself.
    • from distractions, from your personal fears, from all that has been holding you back for so long. 
  • Success creed.
    • Re-write the Rule Book in your favor. Learn the steps to creating an impenetrable moral code and work ethic.
  • Banish negativity.
    • Learn the difference between skepticism, narcissism and honest constructive criticism.
  • GIGO [Garbage In Garbage Out].
    • What happens when you remove the junk food from your diet? The same works for your mind. 
  • Compartmentalization.
    • The most guarded secret of the Super Wealthy, how to simultaneously manage dozens of project with unique goals and teams while keeping your eye on the primary objective
  • Control Your Inner Voice.
    • Be the only support you'll ever need. Learn how to remove all self-doubt, procrastination, apprehension and more. Truly become an Army of One.
  • Find Better Equals.
    • You are the average of the 5 people you talk to and hang out with the most. That either ignites; fear, joy or reluctance, but consider the fact that these are the individuals that you bounce your ideas off and share your good/bad news. If they are not passionate or supportive, it could seriously affect your mission.

Section 2: Get your Cashflow right. 

  • Client Modeling.
    • Laser target your lifestyle as well as your sales pipeline to continuously deliver great, pre0qualified leads, all while doing the things that you love most. 
  • Affluent Networking.
    • Learn who to network with, how to gain their trust and how to get them to refer their friends, colleagues or group members to you. 
  • Strategic networking.
    • Learn how to select and cultivate relationships with professionals that can and will re-market for you. Reduce marketing costs by combing symbiotic campaigns. 
  • Charitable Contribution.
    • Giving back never felt so good. Find out how to leverage a few dollars (or a few hours of your time) to its MAX marketing capacity by choosing a charity, negotiating branded promotion and more! 
  • $0 Budget Marketing.
    • Being clever during lean times can mean the difference between a full belly and starve to death. Learn the secrets to low-cost marketing that REALLY works. 
  • LiquidSales Techniques.
    • With over a decade of published books behind him, Errol will personally walk you through what it takes to be a Liquid Salesman. Filling in all gaps for customers no matter what state of mind they are in.